BHRC demanded a fact-finding mission by the UN to investigate unprecedented human rights violations in Balochistan

Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) demanded a fact-finding mission by the United Nations to investigate unprecedented human rights violations in Balochistan

Geneva: 03/09/22

On the occasion of the 51 sessions of UNHRC, the Baloch human rights council submitted a detailed statement on agenda item 3 on the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan. In the statement presented on 8 August 2022, the attention of the secretary-general was drawn to various aspects of human rights violations perpetrated by Pakistan in Balochistan. It was mentioned that the Baloch are living in a state of siege as Balochistan has been declared a no-go area for the international media and human rights organizations. As a result, nothing of the atrocities is reported in the international media. 

In the written statement, it was observed that according to the United Nations General Assembly resolutions, many actions of Pakistani security forces and its auxiliary religious or extremist organizations come into war crimes. As a result, the Baloch are facing systematic genocide, and those responsible for grave human rights violations must be held accountable.

The UN secretary-general was requested that:

1. The UNHRC should send a UN fact-finding mission to investigate the extrajudicial killings and mass disappearances of the Baloch political and social activists.

2. International community should bring the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against humanity in Balochistan to justice by initiating cases against them in the international courtof justice in The Hague

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